We are positively impacting the lives of our youths
one individual at a time.

Our Mission Statement

CFPC’s mission is to empower young adults to become self-sufficient while learning the necessary tools to effectively cope with the myriad of issues in their past histories. These issues include physical, emotional, sexual abuse, substance abuse, family violence, poverty, and a variety of mental illnesses, including those youth identified as having a pervasive developmental disorder. The goal is to provide participants with an array of services that are individualized to meet their specific needs.

Our Story

Center For Positive Changes (CFPC) began in 1999 dedicated to assisting at-risk youth to become self-sufficient and productive members of society. We serve youth ranging in ages from 13-18 and accept extended foster care young adults 18-19.

From the founder to our staff, we have a genuine care to provide guidance and support to young adults, not something that can be faked. We instill the tools we think will help them to successfully transition into adulthood and become productive members of society.

Strategic Plan

Every three years, CFPC goes through a strategic planning process- the result of this process is a written Strategic Plan that sets the organizational direction for the next three years. The goals and priorities that are set in the Strategic Plan are based on taking advantage of identified strengths and opportunities and by addressing weaknesses and threats. CFPC strategic planning process includes the board of directors and organizational leadership, and input provided by staff members, community stakeholders and clients served by the organization.CFPC will continue to enhance, maintain and expand quality services to at-risk youth and their families, while maintaining contact with key stakeholders.

CFPC will continue to be fiscally responsible by maintaining effective accountability and management practices.

CFPC will continually improve business practices and efficiency of all processes.

CFPC will continue to improve board practices, effectiveness and efficiency, the board will ensure its fiduciary oversight, accountability, development and best practices are followed by all board members.